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The Indianapolis Chapter of Ekam USA was founded in April, 2019. Since then, Ekam Indianapolis has spread awareness through local volunteering by EYAs and raising funds for Ekam causes in India, and Indianapolis. Scroll to learn more about Ekam Indianapolis.

Our adopted district: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Chapter Coordinator

Uma Sukumar
Ekam Indianapolis

Indianapolis Annual Reports: 

2022: 2022 Indy Annual Report final.pdf

2020-21: Ekam Indy Annual Report 2020-2021 .pdf

2019: Indianapolis Ekam Chapter 2019 Review .pdf

2022 Project Updates:

EKAM Indianapolis Chapter Education Donations Feb 2022.pdf

EKAM Indy - Volunteering in Indianapolis 2022.pdf

Ekam Indy - Medical Camps 2022.pdf

EkamIndy - Madurai PHC Needs Implemented 2022.pdf

EkamIndy - Anganwadi support- 2019-2022.pdf

2023 Project Updates:

EkamIndy - Vision Camps 2023.pdf

Prosthetics Initiative -EkamIndy Ekam USA Aug 2022-July 2023.pdf

EKAM Indy - Madurai PHC Needs 2023.pdf

EKAM Indy - Madurai ICDS Needs 2023.pdf

Recent Updates

  • Second Helpings EYA Volunteering Activity - Every third Saturday.

Ongoing Fundraisers and Programs

Supporting Early Childhood Education in Madurai

Ekam USA partners with Ekam Foundation in India to ensure these basic needs are met to enable quality ECE for those most in need. Madurai, our adopted district has over 2000 anganwadis, each serving 25-30 kids in the day-center, 80-160 other kids for healthcare/nutrition, and 10-30 mothers.

More Details
Goal: $4,000.00
Collected: $3,710.00

   Youth Ambassador

The Ekam Youth Ambassador program is a service-based initiative that empowers young people ages 8 to 21 to volunteer in their local communities and help in promoting Ekam’s mission.  Read More

EYA Registration Form

    Adult Volunteer

Join Ekam USA in improving mother and child care in India and volunteering in your local communities.  If you are the parent of a registered EYA and have already filled in your information, you do not need to fill this form. Read More

Adult Registration Form

Upcoming Events

No events available.

Completed Indianapolis Fundraisers


  • Fundraiser for Madurai Healthcare Centers.


  • Medical camp for kids in Madurai.
  • Girls' toilets in Madurai Schools.


  • Provide life saving medical equipment for newborns in Madurai hospitals.
  • Supported National fundraisers for COVID relief in India.
  • India Day lemonade stand fundraiser for COVID relief in India.


  • Improve sanitation and infrastructure in Kallanthri and Therkku Theru schools in Madurai.
  • Provided physical therapy equipment for developmentally challenged kids and chairs for mothers in waiting rooms - Madurai Rajaji Hospital.
  • Fighting hunger in Indianapolis during COVID, fundraiser for Second Helpings.
  • Helped start a library in a rural school in Bada, Karnataka.


  • Provide RO water and furniture in a school, pediatric medical kits for Primary Health Center and basic necessities of an Anganwadi in Sakkimangalam, Madurai
  • Provide RO water and digital learning equipment for Karcheri school, Madurai
  • Provide RO water, digital learning equipment and fans for a school in Kalanthri, Madurai
  • India Day lemonade stand fundraiser for Madurai school needs
  • Inaugural event fundraiser to help Ekam’s mission in India

Presidential Volunteer Service & Ekam Chapter Recognition Award Winners

Youth Ambassadors


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