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Welcome to Bay Area Chapter

The EKAM Bay Area Chapter of EKAM USA was founded in 2018. Since then, it has gained many new EYAs and has supported various worthwhile causes, both locally and in India. These include holiday-themed Events, the upcoming holiday drive for a homeless shelter, art competitions, summer tutoring project, and many more. Scroll to learn more about EKAM Bay Area!

Our 2020 Presidential Award Recepients

Presidential Award Winners

Amrita Guha, Anagha Dogiparthi, Shrimayi Chaganti, Sowmya Sundar, Divya Sundar, Srishti Sripada, Shreya Sripada, Trisha Manipatruni, Spoorthi Bedadam, Lasya Puppala, Charvi Magam

 Chapter Directors

 Ranjana Sundar
Ekam Bay Area

Shilpa Puppala
Director, Media/ PR, Ekam USA,
Radiologist in
California Bay Area

Ongoing Programs

Youth Ambassador

The Ekam Youth Ambassador program is a service-based initiative that empowers young people ages 8 to 21 to volunteer in their local communities and help in promoting Ekam’s mission.Read More

Adult Volunteer

In consideration of Ekam USA allowing everyone to participate in volunteering opportunities and being aware of the possible injuries or harm that could occur as a result of this participationRead More

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