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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others – Mahatma Gandhi

Ekam USA has humble beginnings, starting from our medical school days when we saw lives of many young mothers at stake due to lack of proper facilities.  Most women from villages do not get antenatal checkups during pregnancy and just show up to the hospital during labor. Not knowing their medical history nor having the time to do anything but basic investigations, the doctors had to treat them.

There was a very young mother in her 20's who came to the hospital in active labor. She was connected to the monitors and the staff was trying to obtain some history, while helping her with the delivery. She was struggling during the delivery and our professor was trying to use forceps to help bring the baby out. Unfortunately, the mother went into distress and cardiac arrest. We were students and didn't know how to help. The professor and some staff were trying to resuscitate the mother, while simultaneously trying to get the baby out. We lost the mother after a brief struggle. We did not have as many resources as the code blue scenes seen on TV. I still remember the professor saying, "we can still save the baby" after we lost the mother. But after few more minutes we saw that it was not possible to get the baby out. I wish we could have done more, that we could have intubated the mother, kept her on life support and get an emergency C-section to get the baby out, as it would be done in USA at this time. But we neither the hospital nor the patient had these resources at the time. We were all shocked and sad. I never saw the husband but the patient's mother came in screaming and crying at the news. I can still see that scene in my mind and remember how helpless we all felt. Thanks to Ekam USA's work, we now are able to reach more mothers and get them to attend antenatal checks so we can identify heart disease, and other risk factors and be better prepared for deliveries. We identify the "high risk pregnant women" and do the needful to ensure the safety of mother and child, reducing the mother and child mortality. 

We have supported numerous rural health centers and public hospitals with limited resources, providing essential medical equipment such as EKG machines, Ultrasound and X ray equipment, as well as daily disposables to treat mothers and children.

Ekam USA has partnered with multiple nonprofit organizations in USA and India, and is able to reach out to beneficiaries who cannot afford their medical care. While we focus on the health of mothers and children, we serve anyone in need, such differently abled people, people in rural areas with limited access to basic facilities, thus bringing all-round development of communities.

Thanks to our partner organizations, donors and tireless volunteers, we are able to do a variety of projects in USA and in other countries.

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