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EKAM Story

As a young, brilliant pediatrician, Dr. Sailakshmi Balijepally started her career working in government hospitals where she observed great inequality in the healthcare system.

Day after day she had to inform parents that their children were critically ill or required expensive treatments and procedures, knowing that many could not even afford three meals a day.

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Director's Letter

I am the founding Director of Ekam USA, a classmate of Dr. Sai Lakshmi Balijepally. I was inspired by the need in India for mother and child health care, and the unique approach taken by Sai for lasting change in the patients and the community. Her altruistic work and the commitment of Ekam volunteers and staff continues to motivate me, as do our youth ambassadors.

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Mrs. Aruna Vatsavayi

Director, Finance,
Ekam USA,
Baton Rouge, LA


Dr. Neelima Reddy

Director, Ekam USA
Louisiana Governor, American College of Gastroenterology


Dr. Shilpa Puppala

Director, Media/ PR, Ekam USA,
Radiologist in
California Bay Area



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