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Mr. Nick and Mrs. Yiuling Punyamurthy

Grand Ambassador

I came to know about Dr. Sai Lakshmi and Ekam through a friend of mine in 2014. I knew this friend for many years and had done business together. When he told me about Dr. Sai, I did not pay much attention as I had come across many stories like this, later to discover that a lot of it was hype. Anyway, at my friend's insistence I did some online research and found out that Dr. Sai was really doing so much for the community silently, without much publicity.

Later in 2015, I met Dr. Sai in Dallas along with my wife Yiuling. . We had lunch with Dr Sai and got to know her much better. I was impressed by her mission and recognized that there is a gap in the society for that kind of work. I also saw how simple she was and how much she was committed to the mission of Ekam. We decided to support Ekam since then. Along with Dr. Neelima Reddy, we started the US Chapter of Ekam soon after that. Through my company CompNova, I sponsored some fundraising events. Now, serving as a Grand Ambassador to Ekam USA and spreading the word in the US.

I am glad to see that Ekam is getting more and more support from various people in India and abroad. I also see that various government agencies are recognizing and helping the mission of Ekam.

I wish Ekam all the success in achieving their objectives.

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