Medical Technology Initiative to Save Mothers and Children

The lack of medical equipment during child birth, especially for high risk pregnancies, has become a significant issue in India and has endangered the lives of countless mothers. Hospitals require this equipment to sustain the lives of mothers who endured a strenuous delivery process. The goal of this initiative is to raise money for oxygen concentrators and delivery kits in the Thiruvarur district to further support hospitals.

This project stems from hearing of an incident where a young mother lost her life due to undiagnosed heart problem resulting in cardiac arrest during child birth, losing the mother and the baby.

Their deaths could have been prevented by providing the right tools to the doctors caring for these high risk mothers.

I am raising $600 for oxygen concentrators and $400 for cesarian section/ delivery equipment kits for rural health centers.

Ekam's goal is reduction of mother and child mortality through preventive and curative care. Most rural women are not aware of and do not have access to antenatal care during pregnancy. This leads to undiagnosed or uncontrolled high blood pressure, eclampsia, diabetes, rheumatic or other heart problems causing maternal and child deaths during child birth.

Ekam provides antenatal and postnatal education, care, follow up and resources in remote villages of India, with good results of decreasing mother and child mortality.

Join us in this effort to save lives.

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Goal: $1,000.00
Collected: $1,115.50


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