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Save a Child


In India one million babies die each year, before they complete the first month of life. The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) was 32/1000 (number of infants that die per 1000 live births) in 2010 and has not declined in the past decade. The IMR is 4 per 1000 live births in countries like the USA and UK. Health care access is inequitable, with large sections of the rural population travelling more than 100 km for basic health care. Due to poor health literacy, they cannot completely comprehend medical information or seek care. Majority of the parents cannot afford to pay for live saving procedures and therefore forego care.


Ekam provides life-saving, timely and quality medical care to children from families that cannot afford health care.

Ekam believes that NO CHILD SHOULD BE DENIED THE RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE based on their financial/ socioeconomic status. Through the Save A Child project, Ekam receives requests for immediate life-saving medical support of children whose parents cannot afford to pay for the treatment.

Each year, thousands of children are referred to Ekam by the organization’s field staff through health screenings, hospital referrals, medical camps, and social media. Ekam also has a vast network of trained nurses, community health centers, and community health workers who help to identify children in need of treatment. Requests for support are also received through Ekam’s 24/7 helpline.

A financial vetting process ensures that the parent truly cannot afford to pay. This prevents abuse of the program. Then Ekam identifies any possible Government resources that the patient may be eligible for, such as insurance schemes or specific project funds. If the family does not qualify for such funds, then Ekam provides treatment first, while fundraising through individual or corporate donors who can support the child’s treatment.

Ekam works diligently to establish networks with government and private hospitals to provide immediate hospitalization support to children and mothers in need, at minimal or no cost to the patient or parent. Once patients are referred to Ekam, the organization creates a patient profile on the Ekam database, identifies appropriate lines of treatment, facilitates treatment, and discharges patients after their parents/guardians receive counseling on how to properly care for them.

Ekam identifies the Government hospital that can provide the specific needs of the patient and arranges the patient to be seen there. Ekam also provides children admitted in under-resourced government hospitals with proper treatment through established relationships with low-cost labs and medicine suppliers. If these resources are unavailable, Ekam reaches out to private healthcare providers, and in the rare case that Ekam is not able to provide support, they refer patients to other organizations. The private hospitals in Ekam’s network provide treatment at a subsidized price to the children in need. Post-discharge, Ekam continues to follow up with families to ensure that they are complying with doctor recommendations.

Save a Child 2020 Report


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Success Stories

Baby of Chithra

  • Baby Chitra was born 28 weeks preterm and needed treatment in the Neonatal Intensive care unit. The course was complicated by issues commonly faced by preemies. The baby had an infection that spread throughout the body, collapsed lung and anemia.

  • The overall cost was Rs 75,425. Her father worked as a housekeeper, who could not afford the treatment.
  • The case was referred to EKAM by Chengalpattu Medical College. EKAM completely took care of the medical bills.
  • The baby was discharged, and now a healthy child.

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